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The Winters review

<I>The Winters</I> by Lisa Gabriele 

<b>Star rating</b>: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

<b>Format</b>: library eaudiobook

<b>Summary</b>: The unnamed narrator moves from barely making ends meet to marrying a rich politician who was recently widowed. Her new stepdaughter turns out to be a bigger problem then she counted on.

<b>Review</b>: I enjoyed this book a good deal. I liked that it was a fairly subtle thriller, it eventually builds towards the end but till then it never feels quite that serious. Often it felt as though the narrator was making things out to be a bigger deal than they were. 

What bugged me the whole novel is that the narrator and main character is never named. No one ever refers to her by name which is just fucking bizarre. I’m not a fan of not naming your characters, for me it makes it hard to connect with them. Also to discuss the book itself, not being able to refer to her as anything besides the narrator or main character gets exhausting and confusing. 

Besides from that I have little other complaints. Aside from the weird sexual tension between the main character and her soon to be stepdaughter Dani. It wasn’t super often but when it did happen if was just so bizarre, the book doesn’t really address or acknowledge it but damn is it there. I’m glad it doesn’t end on that note but it was still very strange to me. 

The ending was actually very satisfying to me, I liked the way that it ended. It was a pretty good way to resolve the whole book. I understand this book is a reimagining of the book Rebecca by Daphne during Maurier, which I haven’t read so that’s not really coloring my experience of this book. I think that if I had read it that would have a big impact on my opinion of this book. I honestly didn’t even know it was that until halfway through the book, I read something about it on the Goodreads page. 

<b>Recommendation</b>: This was an enjoyable thriller, if you’re familiar with the book Rebecca that this remained I would look to see what people who have read both think.



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