Non review post · wrap-up

April 2019 wrap-up

The month started a little rough, with my car in the shop but I think it’s finally fixed, but I think this month actually pulled through for me. It was a little low on the books I read, I’ve fallen a bit behind on my Goodreads challenge but I’m not going to stress over it. I think my Popsugar challenge is going pretty well, I like a lot of the prompts so it’s been pretty easy to find things that I want to read that fit.

Let’s get to the books then…

Books I read this month:

Paper girls vol. 4
Fruits basket vol. 8
The golem and the jinni
The walking dead book fourteen
The unbeatable squirrel girl vol. 10
Salt & storm
Princess princess ever after
Jessica Jones: blind spot
Fruits basket vol. 9
The handmaid’s tale: the graphic novel

Total books read: 11

May will be a lot of planning for the summer, I think. Plus summer reading programs will be starting up. I know the library I work at is going to have some great summer reading stuff going on and my local library is usually pretty dang great. Oh! And I gotta brand new Amazon fire tablet to replace my iPad after the screen shattered and it’s super nice and making writing reviews easier. 


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