August 2018 wrap-up

August has been a stressful, intense month and kinda shitty. My birthday party was nice, a small get together. But other than that… So my dog, Jubilee, the star of my blog basically– she was diagnosed with dry eye, her eyes have stopped producing tears. And two days later she had bad corneal ulcers, withinContinue reading “August 2018 wrap-up”

June 2018 wrap-up

I almost completely forgot about needing to write a June wrap-up post. We’re in the middle of getting ready for our annual family camping trip. I’m not looking forward to it, I hate camping and the beach and we camp on the beach. I could bear it if it was three to five days atContinue reading “June 2018 wrap-up”

February 2018 wrap-up

February was kind of uneventful but also just super strange. Sacramento was hit by snow/hail in a storm. Whatever it was it was too cold as there was ice on the roads and I DO NOT LIVE WHERE I DO BECAUSE I WANT TO DRIVE ON ICE. But besides that, got my Christmas tree downContinue reading “February 2018 wrap-up”

8 Finished Fantasy Series by Women Authors

The other day, my friend mentioned to me that she was annoyed with an article she read. It was a list of completed fantasy series but there were almost no women authors included. I thought I could put something decent together enough list of finished fantasy series only by women authors. Thus my first bookContinue reading “8 Finished Fantasy Series by Women Authors”

Jane Austen tea party

This is not a directly book related post but still in the literary realm. I haven’t been reading a whole lot because I was preparing for this event. The Sacramento county library put on a Jane Austen birthday tea. I was of course interested and I told my friend Scarlett (ig @toadhalltea) about the eventContinue reading “Jane Austen tea party”

November 2017 wrap-up

November kind of slowed down for me. I’ve been working on sewing, this month I’m going to a Jane Austen tea and of course decided I need to make a whole regency outfit. So I’ve been working on that, and hen I decided I need to sew a bunch of things for Christmas gifts. I’veContinue reading “November 2017 wrap-up”

October 2017 wrap-up

October was an amazing month for reading. I may have read mostly graphic novels, but they got me back into reading more in general, which is great. Also I totally had forgotten I could get comics from the library until this month so I started to request a bunch of series I’d been wanting toContinue reading “October 2017 wrap-up”

Yureka Books Unboxing

December’s Yureka Books box arrived yesterday and it was excellent! It included a surprise I hadn’t expected which made this box being my last one extra special. I decided to cancel my subscription even though I love Yureka because I have a bit of a surplus of books I have waiting for me to readContinue reading “Yureka Books Unboxing”

Update since it has been a bit

I’ve been struggling with this last book I’m reading, I’ve been reading it since april and I’m getting close to done but it’s annoying me how behind in my challenge it’s made me. Granted, I have had a lot of things going on. April: Early on in April I went to get my oil changedContinue reading “Update since it has been a bit”

Introduction: A brief history of reading and me 

Books were always very important to me, I loved reading since before I started to read. Trips to the library and the bookstore were my absolute favorite. Getting to know other places and people through books, it was amazing. I was homeschooled from first grade all the way through 12th grade and not having homeworkContinue reading “Introduction: A brief history of reading and me “