Yureka Books Unboxing

December’s Yureka Books box arrived yesterday and it was excellent! It included a surprise I hadn’t expected which made this box being my last one extra special. I decided to cancel my subscription even though I love Yureka because I have a bit of a surplus of books I have waiting for me to readContinue reading “Yureka Books Unboxing”

Yureka books unboxing

Hurray I got my second Yureka Books box! I’m loving this box more and more, this month was en pointe once again! Before I get to the contents I want to mention that if you want to get your own box you can sign up at yurekabooks.com and use referral code: BECKYMCMANNIS for 10% offContinue reading “Yureka books unboxing”

Yureka Books Review

Another non-book review post from me? What is the world coming to? Well it is a review post and I’m currently reading one of the tougher books I’ve got in my TBR. Hopefully I finish it this month. But you’ll hear about that eventually– on to the topic at hand! In August I decided thatContinue reading “Yureka Books Review”