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Little Darlings review

Little Darlings by Melanie Holding

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: After having twin boys, Lauren is having a hard time adjusting to life as a new morher. Things aren’t helped when a mysterious woman tries to steal Lauren’s twins. No one believes that she or her twins are in danger.

Review: Its very rare that you come across a book that is almost exactly like a book idea you had yourself. But that was the case for me and this book. Which means I don’t have to write it myself and can just enjoy this book with minimal effort. A+. 

I loved that the ending was open to interpretation, was Lauren crazy or not. Personally I mean towards her not being being crazy based on a lot of evidence in the book. One of the biggest things is that her husband refers to any woman not reacting the way he wishes as “crazy”. He does this with Lauren and with the girl he had an affair with. Also there seems to be physical evidence, such as that black material.

Personally, I was mad that Lauren was basically set up to fail. She’s not given any help with twins in the hospital. Everyone is just like oh you’re fine and leaves her. Her husband, not that I feel he would have helped, wasn’t allowed to stay the night and had to observe visitors hours. The only people that seem to show concern are her two friends that were pregnant at the same time. She’s obviously struggling with pod and ppa but her husband just blows her off and shows zero concern. He just gets mad she doesn’t go out.

I think my only critique is that I personally would have preferred if there was some more obviously faerie changeling in the book. It doesn’t really seem like anything the author was hinting at either. I mean, it didn’t take anything away but I just really love anything fae so when I read a changeling story that’s usually what I look for.

Recommendation: I thought this was a great book, it played into a lot of fears I had after I had my own daughter. I enjoy changeling stories lot, even before I had my own pixie baby, so if you’re interested in those type of stories, this one is probably one of the best I’ve read to date.

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