December 2018 wrap-up + 2019 plans

Happy 2019! I welcomed the new year by watching Smallfoot and 3Below on Netflix. Smallfoot was okay but 3Below is excellent, it’s a continuation of the Trollhunters series. Guillermo del Toro never fails to make shit I love. I feel pretty successful in my reading this year. I finished all of the popsugar prompts besidesContinue reading “December 2018 wrap-up + 2019 plans”

December 2017 wrap-up and 2018 goals

Happy Holidays, everyone. Reading took a back burner for me during the holiday season. And what I did read, I wrote a whole less of reviews for. Even still I was able to read a good amount this month. I had a good Christmas, got to see my in-laws and my family. Plus Charlotte wasContinue reading “December 2017 wrap-up and 2018 goals”

Planning and Book Blogging

Getting back into reading isn’t the only new hobby I’ve started this year. I’ve also become interested, well obsessed is better, with planning. Yes, like a calendar but it’s honestly so much more. The first layer for me is decorating. I use washi tape and stickers mainly. Some stickers I have made myself (I haveContinue reading “Planning and Book Blogging”