Non review post · wrap-up

August 2018 wrap-up

August has been a stressful, intense month and kinda shitty. My birthday party was nice, a small get together. But other than that… So my dog, Jubilee, the star of my blog basically– she was diagnosed with dry eye, her eyes have stopped producing tears. And two days later she had bad corneal ulcers, within a week her right cornea had ruptured and she had to have emergency surgery. She’s doing better now but I was so scared for that little girl. She seems to finally be healing. I was terrified that she would have to lose the eye. Honestly the veterinary teaching hospital at UC Davis were amazing with the work they did on her surgery and helped us get her on the path to healing. But it hasn’t been easy. Two weeks of giving her at least three eye drops every two hours. It’s a lot and gotten me super stressed. Didn’t make a great birthday.

It wasn’t all bad though, I’ve gotten more responsibilities at work. I’ve also suddenly after almost thirty years, gotten into makeup. At first I was just like “oh I’ll wear a little bit of lip color and not go crazy” and now I’m doing full face contour and highlight. Who am I? It’s fun though and I’m liking it a lot.

And the books? Well– haven’t finished any print novels this month or ARCs either. But to be fair, I e been giving out a lot of eye drops to an unwilling pug so.

What I read:

Jem and the Holograms vol. 4
Spill Zone: the broken vow
The unbeatable squirrel girl vol. 8
Paper girls vol. 2
Champions vol. 2
Bitch planet vol. 2
Hansel & Gretel
Ms. Marvel vol. 9
Lumberjanes vol. 9
The walking dead book eight
My girls: a lifetime with Carrie and Debbie
The body in the library
The woods vol. 2
The chilling adventures of Sabrina vol. 1
Fables deluxe edition 1
Gravity Falls shorts: just west of weird
I was Anastasia
Princeless vol. 6
Fruits basket vol. 2
Over the garden wall vol. 4
The lies they tell
Castle waiting vol. 1
Cucumber quest vol. 1
All the beautiful girls
Bitch planet triple feature vol 1
Champions vol. 3
I kill Giants
The Hazel Wood

Books I already own: 0
ARCs: 0
Library books: 29
Total books read: 29

September… I’m not even going to guess how this month will go. I’m just hoping to get Jubilee healed up.


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